The magic in a creation process - is it something one can learn?

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by atalya baumer on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Performing Arts

Session type

Technical level


To help young artists to define and develop a specific path and specific tools that will help them to progress in their process of creation while working on a piece. To find a way to rely on and to take inspiration from our education and background but at the same time find our own path and character, and find new ways to express ourselves.
Is creativity is something we can learn? Finding methods that can help us with that as well as creating the links between our education and any other reference we have, to our artistic path.


the majic of a creation proces: Technique - improvisation - choreography/directing - technique:
The idea is to show the process or the path creating an art piece in the field of performing arts ( in my case I do it through movement), out of our existing knowledge but to create it as our own. Also to give students tools for a creation process. the last step of the process is when out of the piece, you find new knowledge that you can call – technique. Means , we’ve learned something new during the creation process and then it’ll be structured into our agenda as teachers/ artists .

Part one of the workshop will be a technical part – teaching basic ideas of movement and dance based on my education in dance and movement as well as my own creation of work. In the second part the students will explore a few improvisation exercises – with movement and text which are referring to the quality and the elements from the first part. Third part is the “tool box part” - creating a beginning of a piece based on the tools they got during the workshop so by the end of the workshop students can perform with small pieces they’ve created – In this part each student create a “tool box” for himself which is a creative but very practical way of creating a piece. In the fourth part each student will try to define one idea that he found during the fast process that he felt is something he came up with and he might be able to teach others – that’s when the creation becomes a new technique and so on....


Space that is suitable for movement
Possibility to play music
Participants should bring comfortable cloth which they can move with

Speaker bio

Atalya Baumer is a graduated of a dance and choreography school - She has a B. Dance and a Teaching Certificate in Dance and Choreography from the High Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, Israel. She is also a graduated of “tools” – a program for young artists in the field of performing arts in Tel Aviv , Israel. Atalya specializes in contemporary and modern dance, Jazz and Ballet teaching (Chakaty and Vaganova methods). Her main field of knowledge is choreography. She has taken part in multiple workshops with many Israeli and international choreographers in Israel as well as other countries around the world.
Her Artistic activities include: “We are all”, a dance creation - premiere at the “Bridges on the river” annual Festival, EmeqHefer, Israel; “Quicksand”, a creation for 3 dancers; participation in annual Dance Festivals in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bat-Yam, Israel; Being in-house choreographer at the dancer’s ensemble of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem; “Fixed Familiar View”, a creation for 5 dancers and 5 musicians, participated in the Gertrude Kraus Annual Dance Competition, won special citation; “Trains”, a creation for 2 dancers, participated in the Gertrude Kraus Annual Dance Competition; “Tremolo”, a creation for 4 dancers, participated in the Gertrude Kraus Annual Dance Competition; a dancer in the dance academy company – a repertory company that works with different Israeli and international choreographers.
Her Teaching activities include: dance teacher in several schools in the Israel - ballet, modern improvisation and choreography teacher for children and adults between the ages of 12-50 in different private schools in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv- Israel;
In the past two years Atalya has been living, teaching and creating dance in India. She has been working with big institutes such as the Terrence Lewis dance company, Attakkallary, The danceworx . At the same time, Atalya is also working with small schools of theater and dance and doing various projects with freelance dancers across India. She has been teaching workshops and regular classes in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi.
Her Artistic work in India includes: choreographed a contemporary dance piece – “Hello My Love” - for a large production in Mumbai in 2013. Her latest dance theatre piece: “kHanOliveMalusEx” which premiered in Bangalore last year.


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    [-] Padma Damodaran 5 years ago

    Hi Atalya, how long a session are you looking at?

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    [-] atalya baumer 5 years ago

    the workshop should be 3-4 hours . or 4-5 hours if we add a showing - like a small performance

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