The power of identity

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by Arfeen Khan on Thursday, January 29, 2015

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After training over 500,000 people globally and coaching some of the leading Bollywood stars and industrialists . I have identified a identity pattern that can be proven to assure success in life.


People all over the world strive to be successful yet most fail, why? This session will show you a proven system to ensure your mental blueprint can be modified to match those of the best in the world. This session will show you how you can shape and tweak your personal identity so that you can view the world differently. Over 500,000 people have attended my seminars and having worked with some of the most successful people world wide it’s easy to see a pattern that drives them towards success. The objective is simple .. Change a persons perception of how they view the world and your world changes. But how? That’s what I’m going to share.


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A transformational coach from the UK who has For almost 20 years, he has helped over 500,000 people in over 43 countries create personal & professional transformation. It is Arfeen’s mission to provide tools and strategies that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals and realize their true desires.

Arfeen has worked with an extensive range of people including CEOs, students, bollywood celebrities and industrialists. He considers all people intrinsically the same, but what sets them apart and determines their future is the reach of their thoughts and ambition.

Through his company, Peak Performance Seminars, with offices in the UK and Mumbai, India, Arfeen has the freedom to travel around the globe to offer business solutions to the people who need it the most. He has spoken to over 150 corporations, including global Fortune 500 companies, and his presentations produce an immediate reduction in conflict between staff members, improvement in communication and a massive increase in work performance.