The Dog Would Know - Guerilla performances in public spaces. (Session by Shena Gamat)

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by Padma Damodaran (proposing) on Friday, January 30, 2015

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The objective of the demo/ discussion is to share the experience of bringing their art into public spaces and trigger a transformation in people that centres around the joy and fun of creativity. The TDWK started three years back. Today you have movements like Raahgiri in Delhi, or Equal Streets in Mumbai, which have been formed to reclaim the streets for women and the public alike. A precursor to these movements, when TDWK started, the idea was simple: To share the joy of theatre with unsuspecting audiences. To enjoy the idea of no borders between audiences and performers. To inject fun and colour to otherwise drab lives and surroundings. To grow as an artist. Because we love public art. Because we love things that are free.


The Dog Would Know, also known as the Doggy Do sessions, is an informal gathering of performers in public spaces, whether public gardens, shopping malls (including being thrown out of them), street corners, anywhere, where they begin impromptu performances and improvisations around theatrical exercises. It began as an experiment to see how performance could transform a space and how different spaces would transform the performance. It emerged into a creative wave that routinely set out to reach out to people and connect through the power of theatre. Shena will talk about the growth of the movement, the problems of sustaining such a movement, the reactions of the public and the impact on the public, and how the journey has transformed her as an artist. She will demonstrate a simple doggy do session as well. And yes, they are fun!


A desire to connect to other human beings. A desire to change and initiate change.

Speaker bio

Shena Gamat is one of the founder-editors of rock magazine Rock Street Journal. She is a prolific actress (including films like DevD and Band Baja Baraat), runs her own theatre company Barefoot! Productions along with her partner Ashish Paliwal. She is currently show running director at the Kingdom of Dreams, and can be seen in her home production of the interactive play, ‘I Love You, Let’s Have Sex’.