Beyond Boundaries: Making Performance across languages, cultures and disciplines (Session by Aparna Banerjee)

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by Ranjana Dave (proposing) on Friday, January 30, 2015

Performing Arts

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Technical level

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To describe the journey from finding a kitschy object in a craft bazaar to 28 different Oral narratives. Their negotiations with modernity, and the binaries it throws up. I would play a video of a performance our artists collective curated. The curatorial process involved several of layers of understanding the practice as craft, art, story, speech, song, language and narrative.


I will share my journey with this community that lead to a performance in a space where the audience did not know the language of the performers. I will explore what makes for a successful show despite the linguistic and cultural unfamiliarity.


Projector, sound, a curious audience

Speaker bio

Aparna Banerjee is the founder of the Bangalore-based Antara Arts Collective, and an Odissi dancer.