Classical dance : Why?

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by Poornima Kartik on Monday, February 2, 2015

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This is an experiment to find different ways of teaching classical dance making it a complete practice with body and mind, bringing all the focus and energy together,making it lighter and not only performance oriented and thereby making it easy and more enjoyable to all.


I would lilke to propose this to be a lecture,discussion and Q&A all in one session- Talking about the Classical dances ,the traditional ways of teaching /learning classical dance. Why most of the times it is associated with performances only? Whether these embodied practices have much more to offer? This is my constant search as a practitioner of one of the classical dance- Odissi. I have enjoyed the practice of Odissi for more than 2 decades. It has given me something beyond words can describe. Even as a student or professional Architect , it gave me that extra boost of energy, lightness, confidence, attention and peace. It gave me the time I could spend with myself , it made me aware of my own body- its limits and limitlessness.
I now have given up my well paying job and stability to find out more about what I can do with this embodied knowledge. I search for different ways of teaching and teaching different things through dance.
I would like to share my thoughts with anyone and everyone interested and in turn learn more by reaching out to wide range of people.


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Poornima is an architect turned dancer from bombay ,now settled in Bangalore. She started Odissi dance training under Guru.Jhelum Paranjape about 2 decades ago. Performed in Smitalay ensemble for more than a decade all around the country. Jugglled between architectural practice and dance till 2 years ago. Now taken up dancing full time with special interest in pedagogy.
Works and teaches Odissi dance at Antara artists’s collective in bangalore.