Chikkat Paper - Papier-mâché Art

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by Kruti Yellapantula on Tuesday, February 3, 2015


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To create awareness about the art form - papier mache. To show how much fun papier mache art & craft can be and the potential this medium has (by showcasing my mother’s work). Because this definitely is one art medium that can be explored a lot more. The Kashmiris use it to make furniture and decorative items, other countries make different kinds of masks etc., my mother started using a version of it to make dolls, murals and so many other things which are first of their kind. The scope is vast, hence people should have a chance to know more about it.

So, in this workshop, we get to learn what papier mache is, how to make it, know the various things that can be made and are being made using papier mache, make a few things ourselves, come up with newer and better ideas and see how those can be implemented before coming for TGP 2016! :D


This workshop will need to be conducted in slots on 2 consecutive days preferably.
In the first 2 hours slot, I would like to introduce papier mache as a medium of artwork. Showcase some of my mother’s art by bringing some samples and through photos as well. Explain in detail the method of making papier machie and different things people can make using papier mache. This introduction might take about 15-20 minutes.
After that, I can start off with teaching and making some basic fun papier mache items. Everyone can participate and make their own small thing. The best I can teach that quickly is the papier mache baloon animals, funky papier machie jewellery, keychains, door/wall hangings (stars, bells etc). This will need another one and a half hour and then all the items made need to be left to dry.
The next day in the other one hour slot, these items can be given the finishing touches and can be painted.
And tadaaa…small, colourful papier mache items are ready! A little creative bent of mind is all that is needed. :)
In the end, everyone could have a brainstorming session, discuss about the various things they think we can make using papier mache, how the art can be developed further and how businesses like my mother’s can be expanded further.


Papier Mache (I will have to provide that),
Brushes of various sizes,
(If need be I can bring most of these things for the participants)

Speaker bio

I am Kruti, a 23 year old woman who has worked as a journalist and a communications professional in different places. But I do have a creative side as well, I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and like to paint and make some craft things as well.
My mother, Ms Ramani Yellapantula, started making papier mache dolls about 27 years back, she developed the art form quite a lot in the past so many years. Today, her products have much better finishing and detailing and are displayed and sold throughout India in various exhibitions. They are also exported to various other countries like - USA, Italy, New Zealand, Norway etc. Currently, she employs about 15 handicapped and needy women in a small work unit in Nagpur, where she teaches them the art form and involves them in the production process. Though a Communications Professional, I have learnt quite some about this art from my mother since my childhood and have assisted her in taking workshops for kids and adults alike, during several summers. My finesse might still not be as good as hers, but to introduce this art form to others I think I will be good enough.