India and its Developmental Challenges

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by Mounik Shankar Lahiri on Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Session type

Technical level


To provide perspectives, ideas, and exposure to India’s developmental challenges, and developmental trajectory for every interested citizen and person.


This session will expose people to the various developmental challenges that exist in India, through narrating of experiences, current affairs, providing a theoretical framework to understanding hurdles in implementation and planning of public policy and to know how various factors like education, demographics, culture and tradition, if not chanellised properly can be a big hindrance to the nation’s untapped potential, and possibly lead to public policy catastrophes. This will allow the audience to appreciate the complexities that exist in Indian society, to better understand their position and the possible trajectory the nation might take going forward, by being able to critically analyse the past, present and possible future of India.


An open mind and an interest in Developmental issues.

Speaker bio

Currently a Masters student of Public Policy at National Law School of India University and a person who is passionate and curious to comprehend, simplify, articulate and improve processes and structures for lasting and irreversible improvements in efficiency and reach of human, societal and business endeavors.

Has been a writer on educational issues, with emphasis on democratizing content, pedagogy and knowledge structures and promoting a participatory knowledge base that is rooted in multiple perspectives and thrives on eclecticism of paradigms. Especially interested in how our educational policies decide the type and generations of citizens it produces.

Has worked with multinational companies like HSBC, Bank of America and Talent Logic and finally decided to get back to the world of academia and social science research, and to work on developmental issues that concern the country.

Has a Graduate Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Corporate and Business Law, in addition to the current participation in Master of Public Policy program from National Law School of India University.