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by Arushi Aggarwal on Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Session type

Technical level


-Understanding the role that design plays in telling the story of a product, how it’s made and who made it. -Design within a given context, keeping in mind various stakeholders -Sharing experiences and learnings as a design startup in the social impact sector -Getting involved in the creative process, and realising an idea into a usable finished product (Prototyping)


This session would work best as an interactive one.
-It would begin with a bit about my personal background, journey and experiences that influenced me and finally led to the founding of The Initiative (a social enterprise) -Next, an exercise would encourage participants to share stories and experiences around handcrafted products that they’ve interacted with -A discussion (and show and tell) about products, their different elements, the specific needs they address, the perceived value, the story behind them, etc. -Aspects of product design -Working with all the stakeholders in order to create a product that is mindful of the context it’s being designed for -Learnings from ‘The Initiative’ -A hands on design exercise involving participants in identifying a need, brainstorming a solution, and creating a quick mockup.


-A handmade product that they’d like to share a story about

Speaker bio

Arushi Aggarwal is a designer for social good; making handmade products and their makers relevant to the modern consumer. Combining handcrafting processes with design, and a focus on consumer experience she is creating social impact and consumer value.

She has a Masters in Product and Service Design Management from ISD, Pune and has worked with various design agencies and consultancies in Gurgaon, Pune, Copenhagen, and France.
Her venture, ‘The Initiative’ makes beautiful, functional, handcrafted products that provide sustainable livelihoods to low-income craftspeople.