Creation is not only an act of God.

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by Nitesh Kadyan on Sunday, February 8, 2015


Session type

Technical level


To learn how to design and make anything from scratch.


Designing is an essential part of making things. In this demo I will present how to design and make day to day things from scratch. There will be a live demo of how to use 3d printing to take you imaginations from virtual world to a physical object.

Speaker bio

Nitesh is a maker and likes to build stuff. He graduated from IIIT Bangalore and works in the field of 3d printing, robotics and led art. He has made a 3d printer which can print in plastic, chocolate and clay. Now he is planning to sell the led spoke POV sticks for bicycles to make biking safer and fun. He recently gave a Tedx talk at IIFTDelhi on why he likes to make stuff.