Games as a medium of learning

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by Nishita Gill (proposing) on Sunday, February 8, 2015


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Understand the power that play holds for engaging children, via real life Game Based Learning experiments


Every child on Earth would say Yes if asked, ‘Would you like to play?’. We take this power for granted. At Rishi Valley School, Rajat used this power of play for teaching a conceptual subject like science for 4 years. Everything was taught through games.
Then why is it that parents and teachers alike, raise eyebrows that play can lead to meaningful learning? The reason is that play needs to be designed intelligently with a clear focus on the learning outcomes. The pendulum shouldn’t swing the other way either, with an overemphasis on learning, in which case it ceases to be engaging for children. The best game is one which disappears as players start to play.
Infact children are learning all the time. Its not just about Maths, Science etc but learning how to communicate, empathize, solve problems and so on. For any learning, you need learner to be fully engaged in the subject, interested in it, have a safe environment because learning cant take place in fear. Play does all of this organically; it makes learning - Easy, Effortless and Enjoyable! This session will talk about “Game Based Learning” principles, through real life examples and anecdotes.

Speaker bio

Studying Computer Sc at IIT Bombay, four years of teaching young children at a school and starting a Game Design company may seem to have little in common but that’s been Rajat Dhariwal’s journey so far.

Realizing the need for mindful engagement options for kids, he co-founded MadRat Games. Having sold more than 3 lakh games since its inception in 2010, it is the fastest growing company in this sector. For creating innovative 70 board game titles and 6 mobile game titles, MadRat Games was ranked amongst the Top Ten Start-ups in Asia.