Masculine or Feminine - Reimagining the concept of 'persona' in design.

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by Nishita Gill (proposing) on Sunday, February 8, 2015


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Understanding user-centered design from the perspective of masculinity.


I am a man, but maybe you shouldn’t begin with this detail when designing for me. How using a rigid conception of gender in user-centred design could make it process only for the sake of process. The cynical subject in our hypermediated, hyperlinked reality has the ability to constantly reinvent her/his gendered self. This means overcoming simplistic readings of what it means to be a man, by opening up to the possibilities that gendered persons have to rewrite the presuppositions of gendering in todays world.

Who am I on Facebook? Who am I on Tinder? Who am I in the bedroom? I am simultaneously none as well as all of these different people. Maybe you shouldn’t begin with calling me a man when designing for me.


a lot of open thinking

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( Shiraz Iqbal - Quicksand Design Studio)

Born in Kerala, I wandered the Canadian and African Copperbelt wilderness as a Geological engineer. I was always lost but always sketching, until I found myself at my first graphic design internship in Bangalore. I went on to study New Media Design at NID (Gujarat) picking up experience freelancing as an illustrator/graphic designer on the side.