Oct 6-7, Bay 15, Panjim

The Goa Project is an annual “unconference” that brings together a diverse set of people from various fields – to converse, collaborate and co-create. The entire agenda is crowdsourced, leading to two exciting days of talks, workshops, presentations, pitches and interventions, set under the Goan sun.


Nominate a session/ project

If you have a topic, skill or insight that you believe is worth conducting a debate, discussion, talk or workshop on, go on and use the Funnel to nominate a session for it. We are inviting topics and speakers across 8 disciplines or (as we call them) tracks – Music & Sound, Design, Interactive Media & Cinema, Performing Arts, Fringe & Geekery, Society, Workshops, Performances.

Sessions are interactive in nature and one can propose sessions with formats that can range from Lecture, Debate, Q&A, Workshop, Lightning Talk, BoF Meet or Demo.

Lecture : A format that involves a person giving a talk or session. Typically no more than 20 minutes.

Debate : a format that involves a min of two people (plus a moderator - ideally the one proposing the session) with a topic and two opposing view points. Typically no more than 30 minutes.

Q&A : A format that involves inviting an expert who will give an overview (following the introduction by the Track Manager) and will take questions from the participants. Ideal for advanced level sessions with an audience that is tuned to the subject. Typically no more than 30 minutes.

Lightning Talk : A format where the TM allocates a block of 20-30 minutes and allows for a rapidfire round of talks or pitches. These can be anything from “Did you know” sessions, to “Idea pitches” to Story telling sessions. Those doing Lightning Talks are not eligible for Complimentary Passes. The TMs block off a timeslot for these sessions and you can comment on the thread, if You’d like to participate (but you need to register and purchase passes to attend). Typically 5 min per lightning Talk.

BoF Meet : A format where the TM allocates a block of 20-30 minutes and sets a topic and it is an interactive session amongst the delegates. The TM Anchors the session. BoF refers to Birds of a Feather where the participating folks are those who are deeply involved in the topic already. It could be a session aimed at Opensource, or participative communities such as OpenStreet Map contributors, or those actively involved in Community efforts.

Demo : This can be an art, exhibit or demo of your work. We are calling these as TGP Installations this year. This happens as a continuous track throughout the two days. You’ll be given a space where you can exhibit, or setup the demo.

Workshop : Half a day sessions organized by experts on a topic as a way of initiating someone into a new craft, or helping intermediate level users / participants to an advanced level. The Intermediate – > Advanced level talks are done by the keynote speakers.

You can also visit the following links for experimental formats Keynote, Lightening Talk, Pecha Kucha, BoF (birds of a feather), Dotmocracy or Speed Geeking.


If you are a performer – be it a solo act, a band, a magician, or an artist – nominate your performance under the section ‘Performance’. Performers will be given a slot in the evenings once the session wraps up. This year we also have created an avenue for installations – both interactive and exhibits that will be curated.

Conduct a workshop

Sessions that are dedicated as workshops will be slotted for the workshop track, which runs parallel to all the other tracks on both days.

How we (or rather you) make schedule for The Goa Project 2017

We will call for votes and use the opinion of our event participants as a key factor to decide which sessions make it into the final agenda.

Additionally, each track has one or two curators or (as we call them) track managers, whose responsibility is to ensure that the quality of sessions is held to the highest content value standard. Curators will consider various parameters to decide the sessions and the time slot allotted for each.

Have a topic in mind? Want to stir up a spark? Nominate your session!

(Note: Topics related to religion and politics are not accepted.)

If I get through…

Speakers whose talks are accepted into the final list will receive a complimentary pass to the unconference. Those whose nominations did not make it into the final shortlist will be given a chance to register at the rates as of date of submission of the proposal.

Deadline for Submission and Voting of Proposals: 18 September 2017

PS: The Code of Conduct of The Goa Project

Status: Accepting submissions

Propose a session

Confirmed sessions

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Type Level +1 Comments Submitted
1 Creative Movement Therapy
Shivani Govind Fringe & Geekery Workshop Beginner 7 0 Sat, Sep 23
2 Cyber Crime " Think About It"
Jagriti Srivastava Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 1 1 Fri, Sep 22
3 Reimagining the way we shop online and omni-channel experience by Indian retailers
Melvin John Design Lecture Intermediate 1 0 Fri, Sep 22
4 Fail-Fail- Fail, Succeed. Repeat.
Sanil Sachar Society Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Fri, Sep 22
5 Democracy - The biggest con of our times?
Sameer Panje Society Lecture Intermediate 1 0 Fri, Sep 22
6 Going Back To The Roots. And Trees. And Leaves.
Sameer Shisodia Society Lecture Beginner 3 0 Thu, Sep 21
7 Spoken Word Poetry as a Tool for Change
Pragya Bhagat Performances Lecture Beginner 1 0 Thu, Sep 21
8 Change of Perspectives in making and seeing Films
Kunal Chowdhury Interactive Media & Cinema BoF Meet Beginner 1 0 Thu, Sep 21
9 I am an Introvert with Social Skills and you can be one too!
Anish V Society Workshop Beginner 2 0 Thu, Sep 21
10 Experience Design in Health & Wellbeing
Guruprasad Shivakamat Design Workshop Intermediate 4 0 Thu, Sep 21
11 Do we ask the right question
Ketki Arbat Society Lecture Intermediate 1 0 Wed, Sep 20
12 Artists' Book as a Pedagogue
Shubhshree Mathur Design Lecture Beginner 12 0 Wed, Sep 20
13 Katha-khel
sree latha Performances Demo Intermediate 1 0 Wed, Sep 20
14 From satellite imagery to wood-carved landscapes
Shashank Srinivasan Design Lecture Intermediate 2 0 Tue, Sep 19
15 Build your dream business
Ravi Shankar Mishra Fringe & Geekery Workshop Beginner 1 3 Mon, Sep 18
16 Why it is difficult to learn a musical instrument? How can we improve?
Vivek Jhaver Music and Sound Debate Beginner 3 0 Mon, Sep 18
17 The Art of Personal Storytelling
kavita gonsalves Performing Arts Workshop Beginner 4 0 Mon, Sep 18
18 For Intersectionality: Beyond standard issue ‘diversity & inclusion’ conversations in contemporary India
Virapandy Thulasimani Society Workshop Beginner 4 2 Mon, Sep 18
19 Made By Her
Ojasvi Society Lightning Talk Intermediate 1 0 Sun, Sep 17
20 Empowering rural women by promoting rural women entrepreneurs
gayatri rao Society Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Sun, Sep 17
21 Resisting Evil: From abstract philosophies and social science to a call for action
Virapandy Thulasimani Society Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Sun, Sep 17
22 Jack Of All trades and master of ...
Yeswanth S Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 3 0 Sat, Sep 16
23 Travel Talk - 15 days Europe trip within ₹ 75000
Ramchandra Prabhu Salgaonkar Society Lecture Intermediate 2 1 Fri, Sep 15
24 A disruptive tech that creates a community of design and art people go booom booom !!!
Tunie Interactive Media & Cinema Demo Beginner 2 0 Fri, Sep 15
25 Live in Chennai - A journey of Independent Music
rohan sen Society Lecture Intermediate 4 2 Thu, Sep 14
26 Being a tree hugging hippie in the globalized world
Sanket Bhale Society Lecture Intermediate 3 2 Thu, Sep 14
27 Save the cat
Jay Gholap Interactive Media & Cinema Workshop Intermediate 2 0 Thu, Sep 14
28 N things you hate about me
shambhavee sharma Performances Demo Intermediate 7 3 Thu, Sep 14
29 Making India Play - Bring back the child in you!
Pooja Rai Society Lecture Intermediate 6 0 Wed, Sep 13
30 Protecting Personal Private space at work
vaidhyanathan Ananthakrishnan Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 7 0 Wed, Sep 13
31 Community Building - Science of it
Pranay Gupta Society BoF Meet Intermediate 2 1 Wed, Sep 13
32 Finding Desi in design
Abhijit Bansod Design Lecture Beginner 2 0 Tue, Sep 12
33 Building blocks towards a self-sustainable Art Eco-system
Tenma Official Society BoF Meet Intermediate 17 7 Tue, Sep 12
34 Worldpeacemuseum
John Devaraj Performing Arts Demo Intermediate 1 0 Mon, Sep 11
35 I see home (Working title)
Riya Mandal Performances Demo Beginner 3 0 Mon, Sep 11
36 Designing for Wicked Problems - Service Design
Radhika Dilip Kale Design Workshop Intermediate 4 0 Mon, Sep 11
37 Unlocking the power of crowdsourcing
prajyot mainkar Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 2 0 Mon, Sep 11
38 Blockchain is the Internet 2.0
Sumit Patel Society Lecture Intermediate 5 1 Fri, Sep 8
39 Nudge - An interactive learning platform
Padmagowri Pichumani Fringe & Geekery Demo Beginner 5 0 Tue, Sep 5
40 Book Publishing
umang nemani (proposing) Society Demo Beginner 1 0 Tue, Sep 5
41 Education & Internet in your language or in English?
Drashti Pandya Society Debate Beginner 11 2 Tue, Sep 5
42 Drama and Empathy
Ramamoorthi Parasuram Performing Arts Workshop Intermediate 1 1 Tue, Sep 5
43 # the biriyani diet -- your lazy weight-loss program
Annelise Piers Society Workshop Intermediate 3 0 Tue, Sep 5
44 Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Digital Content Creators today and tomorrow
Paula McGlynn Interactive Media & Cinema Lecture Beginner 4 0 Mon, Sep 4
45 The 5 seconds commercials and how they take control of our life
ramesh elamathi Fringe & Geekery Lightning Talk Beginner 4 2 Mon, Sep 4
46 Connecting the seemingly incompatible worlds of Science, Spirituality and Entrepreneurship
Ramkumar RS Fringe & Geekery Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Mon, Sep 4
47 Great Walls of India
Gaurav Raturi Design Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Sun, Sep 3
48 Eat Sleep Follow Repeat
Jahnvi Sreedhar (proposing) Performances Demo Advanced 25 2 Sun, Sep 3
49 "No trust feature, No business in India"
Vikram Kumar Design Q&A Intermediate 4 0 Sun, Sep 3
50 Bharatanatyam for Geeks
Ramkumar RS Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 2 0 Fri, Sep 1
51 Breeze - A Love Story (Demo for Browsing and Reading by Participants)
Ramkumar RS Society Demo Beginner 1 0 Fri, Sep 1
52 Frame of Reference (Seeing from other's point of view)
Ramkumar RS Society Workshop Intermediate 4 2 Fri, Sep 1
53 Coding is the new literacy
Pratik Agarwal (proposing) Fringe & Geekery Lightning Talk Intermediate 1 0 Thu, Aug 31
54 Folk Dance
pranali nimkar Performing Arts Workshop Beginner 2 0 Thu, Aug 31
55 Publishing Process of a Book
Chetan Soni Society Lecture Beginner 30 12 Thu, Aug 31
56 Choreographer/ artist's interpretation of a text and process of execution
Manasi Pandya Raghunandan Performing Arts Workshop Beginner 3 0 Wed, Aug 30
57 LGBT Inclusion at workplace - roundtable
Chandra Moulee Society Q&A Intermediate 14 2 Tue, Aug 29
58 Engaging with the Indian Conservative
Manjunath (proposing) Society Lecture Intermediate 3 0 Tue, Aug 29
59 MAHABHARATA OF THE MIND by Sashikanth Ananthachari
Roy Dipankar (proposing) Interactive Media & Cinema Lecture Advanced 3 0 Tue, Aug 29
60 Secrets of small scale filmmaking - Making feature films with people/things you can fit in a car by Sudhish Kamath
Roy Dipankar (proposing) Interactive Media & Cinema Lecture Intermediate 9 2 Tue, Aug 29
61 You have to make a choice
Tejaswi Maharajpet Performances Demo Intermediate 2 0 Mon, Aug 28
62 How I read "52 books in 52 weeks" and how you can too even if you are not a frequent reader before
manoj surya Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 4 0 Mon, Aug 28
63 Congruence-more than Geometry
Garima Kohli Society Workshop Intermediate 4 0 Sun, Aug 27
64 The 'Year of Firsts'
Kavita Jhunjhunwala Fringe & Geekery Lightning Talk Intermediate 7 2 Sun, Aug 27
65 Power to People : Illuminating lives in The Mighty Himalayas
Neelima Raheja Society Lecture Intermediate 13 0 Sat, Aug 26
66 Story box of travel stories from around the world
Sheryl Soh Society Lecture Beginner 5 1 Fri, Aug 25
67 Morning Meditation - start our day energised and focused
Sheryl Soh Fringe & Geekery Workshop Beginner 4 0 Fri, Aug 25
68 Who You Are? The inner truth
Ragul P Society Lecture Beginner 3 1 Fri, Aug 25
69 Unless you measure it; you can’t improve it - Data pipelines for your business KPIs and KRAs
Ketan Khairnar Fringe & Geekery Workshop Intermediate 2 0 Thu, Aug 24
70 Why India needs adventure
Kaustubh Khade Society Lecture Advanced 4 3 Wed, Aug 23
71 Why you should finally care about Mixed Reality.
Thirukumaran Saravanan Interactive Media & Cinema Lecture Beginner 3 0 Wed, Aug 23
72 Language of Film
Milroy Goes Interactive Media & Cinema BoF Meet Intermediate 2 0 Wed, Aug 23
73 Business Of Fashion - Growth hacks for fashion labels and professionals
Amit Bhardwaj Fringe & Geekery Workshop Intermediate 4 0 Wed, Aug 23
74 Spanda - Relaxation through vibrations of Didgeridoo
Abhijith Bhat Music and Sound Workshop Intermediate 2 0 Wed, Aug 23
75 Mind Map - Experimental psybient experience - Audio Visual
Abhijith Bhat Performances Demo Advanced 2 0 Wed, Aug 23
76 Ascending artivism in India by Nilankur Das
Roy Dipankar (proposing) Society Lecture Intermediate 5 2 Wed, Aug 23
77 What is it you do again? Redefining your skills and your job in the gig economy
Tamara Curtin Niemi Fringe & Geekery Lecture Beginner 7 4 Tue, Aug 22