Will cryptocurrency kill "real money"?

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by Anindo Ghosh on Monday, August 21, 2017

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Technical level


Opening up discussion on the potential impact of cryptocurrency (BitCoin, Ethereum etc) on fiat currencies and the financial nanny state.


As an increasing number of countries officially begin to support BitCoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, a logical speculation is whether this foreshadows the end of cold hard cash i.e. fiat currency, in its current form.

Even individuals with little or no technical background are beginning to transact in BitCoin. This goes beyond speculative investment, into the actual movement of convertible wealth into goods and services, and back.

Going forward, would this translate to the elimination of arbitrary, unilateral government-driven inflation and (crony) capitalism? How will countries like Canada and Singapore restructure themselves, in terms of import duties, taxation, and other government tithes?

Is it possible that trade without borders might become a reality in our own lifetimes?


  • An open mind about the way our world could change in the near future.
  • An interest in money, even if one has none to speak of!

No slides will be used. Any props would be for throwing at participants on the opposite side of the debate.

Speaker bio

Anindo Ghosh is an information addict, and an enthusiastic futurist. He geeks out over anything technological, and enjoys shaking up preconceived notions on any subject.