[WITHDRAWN] What is it you do again? Redefining your skills and your job in the gig economy

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by Tamara Curtin Niemi on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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Technical level


To show how skills employers say are in demand such as personal resilience, problem solving, adapting to change, team building, negotiation, etc. track across different geographical and vocational areas.


We no longer live in the era of a job for life. This session shows through the telling of one woman’s journey from a Moscow ice hockey team to the hills in Chechnya, to the United Nations and beyond how we can craft a life and a living on our own terms.



Speaker bio

Tamara is a globetrotting PhD of Russian Literature who has cared for circus bears, dealt with Russian gangsters, negotiated hostage releases, fought haemorragic fever outbreaks, culled chickens, built bridges and more while still managing to pay the bills and have a relatively sane family life.


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    [-] Anindo Ghosh 2 years ago

    Sounds promising. Would you be showing some past work examples (evidently not the chicken culling) for a real-world context?

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    [-] Tamara Curtin Niemi 2 years ago

    Absolutely! Examples include working with the Russian Mafia and how I used that experience to get a job as a translation project manager in spite of no experience in translation!

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    [-] Anindo Ghosh 2 years ago

    I am given to believe that Tamara is not free to participate this year, due to scheduling / travel issues. Hence cancelling session (unless Tamara responds otherwise).

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    [-] Tamara Curtin Niemi 2 years ago

    This is unfortunately true, I tried to cancel through the funnel page, but kept receiving the message that something was broken, and the contact form was not working either.

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