Spanda - Relaxation through vibrations of Didgeridoo

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by Abhijith Bhat on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Music and Sound

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Relxation and in some cases it may also the participant get into higher gama brain wave state as the sound waves generated by the instrument falls into particularly those frequencies.


Spanda - Means vibration in sanskrit, In the brain wave frequencies the higher gama state is attained by the sound frequencies ranging from 50 to 150 hz. Artist is creating the said frequency range with an australian aboriginal instrument called the Didgeridoo. Session will also involve playing the instrument close to the participants body to make them feel the actual vibrations created by the instrument (similar to a resonnace column).


Participants need to carry yoga mats / similar mats as they have to laydown and sleep during the session.

Speaker bio

Abhijith A Bhat / Psy Didge (Artist Name) is a musician and performing artist from the project Mind Map. Has been practicing the instrument for 6 years now.