Language of Film

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by Milroy Goes on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Interactive Media & Cinema

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BoF Meet

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Taking a lighter note in Filmmaking. I wish to share a bit of my experience in Film Writing and Directing.


Aren’t doing a talk show nor a conference. I would like to sit with few ‘Birds of same feather’, share casually my take on Film writing and Directing. Talk about the language of Cinema and get to learn from fellow mates as well. I aint a big Celebrity Director but all I want is to share.


Just a Chair a mic or no mic, as long they can interact with me.

Speaker bio

“Film Director” that’s what people see me as. But I am learner, I study people and their behavours. It helps me write a Character for Films. Or even, it helps me in detail Directing. I study the language of Film.