Why you should finally care about Mixed Reality.

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by Thirukumaran Saravanan on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fringe & Geekery

Session type

Technical level


  1. Understand the basics of Mixed Reality technologies such Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  2. Know how MR Solutions are being adopted by Industry giants across pipelines such as Training, Maintenance, Data Visualisation, Product Visualisation etc.
  3. Know how MR can eventually replace consumer computing devices such as smartphones, laptops etc.


From its inception at secret military technology labs, to training and manufacturing floors of Industrial giants, Mixed Reality is now coming to consumers. And is set to finally free us from the cluthces of forced, two dimensional user interfaces.

Starting from Intuitive applications that require no learning curve, delivering data visualisation without causing sensory overload, to natural collaboration with people across continents. MR is poised to transform applications as we know it, and in lot more ways, create new oppurtinities that we never knew existed.


Interest in emerging mediums in general
Interest in user experience and interface design

Speaker bio

I am a co founder at one of the fastest growing AR and VR Services and Products firm to be based of India. With two years of experience in developing AR VR Solutions for companies across verticals such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Manufacturing we are putting the (continous) learning into building products for the spatial computing age.