Scuba Sutras: Ten start-up lessons from under the sea

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by Guhesh Ramanathan on Friday, August 25, 2017

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Start-up founders get a set of ten easy principles from scuba diving that they can remember and practice while scaling their own start-up.


All over the world, start-up founders are increasingly being called upon to lead their teams into unfamiliar, untested and occasionally, unstable territory. To face this challenge they need effective strategies, tools and techniques for guiding their teams forward with greater confidence. The scuba sutras combine experiences gathered from over twenty years of working in challenging business environments, with fifteen years of recreational scuba diving (much needed to balance the drudgery of working in challenging business environments!) into ten wild and an extraordinarily informative series of lessons for anyone who is struggling to manage their own challenges at work. By looking at start-up environments through a scuba diver’s mask, you will be able to examine and understand your own organization, and explore and implement the best practices needed for building your start-up’s growth.



Speaker bio

This is what folks typically say about me: Guhesh is the CEO of Excubator, an incubator that has worked with over a thousand young entrepreneurs, and also works with large organizations to help them with their “startup play”. Prior to setting up Excubator, he was the COO of NSRCEL, the incubator at IIM Bangalore.

He is a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Diver with hundreds of dives. He has dived many locations across the world, but he swears that the best diving in the world is in India.