Who You Are? The inner truth

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by Ragul P on Friday, August 25, 2017


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Technical level


Self-Realization on where one stands is the true objective! Secondly, to tell out loud that thoughts of heart are wiser than the voices of mind! I hope by the end of the session everyone will have a curiosity to know where they stand in a society. They will be over flooded with doubts of where in the world humanity exists. They will definitely have thoughts to transform themselves.


A society can’t be changed unless a change within is incorporated. To transform the world, we need to traform ourselves. Self-Realization on where we stand is what my speech is aimed at! Living amidst a mass crowd by just pointing out the flaws of others is a sin. Positivity can be developed only form within and don’t dare to acquire it form others. The greatest mistake which our gen people do is that ” we don’t rely on our thoughts/ we don’t have unique opinions”- We dance to the rhythm of others. We ponder the thoughts of our heart, but dictate what our mind says; this should be altered to formulate a better society. As I believe in changes within!


An empty heart is more than enough!

Speaker bio

I may not be the best among the lot, and am sure there will be many who will be far beyond my level. But still as a budding writer with lot of emotions to convey, I see this as an opportunity. May be the first grand stage to fly my thoughts!


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Please share a slide deck, explaining what you want to speak about.

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