The 'Year of Firsts'

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by Kavita Jhunjhunwala on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fringe & Geekery

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Lightning Talk

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How do you do a ‘better you’? Everyone says, love yourself. Ya right. The 5am, dribbly goo person is not exactly lovable. The external validations, an almost societal bane, are not coming, and your bank balance is not exactly boosting your ego. I share my story of ‘Year of Firsts’ a concept I read in ‘Option B’ ( please hold off the judgement) and built on. Maybe, it will be my ‘Decade of Firsts’, but I will be a ‘better me’. If you are looking for a ‘better you’ join in.


So many self help books available. Yet, the word ‘help’ is anti-empowering. I know not what ‘helps’. I know only how to explore. A talk on exploration, open minds, open hearts, and a fearless mindframe (well sometimes, fearlessness might be fake, but what the heck, one can be a good actor!) and....attend the lightening talk to find out.


Come only if you believe in moving forward, onwards, and quickly so.

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Rest on stage! : )


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    [-] Mukesh Tejwani 2 years ago

    would be interesting to know “better” in comparison to? :-)

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      [-] Kavita Jhunjhunwala 2 years ago

      There is always room for improvement, so better from today, better from yesterday and to follow the simple principle of kaizen, which is constant improvement in small increments leading to significant returns. Coming? : )

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