Congruence-more than Geometry

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by Garima Kohli on Sunday, August 27, 2017


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Technical level


The objective of this session is to spark a thought amongst the audience about congruece of oneself.Congruence means balance or oneness with self.
Wevall have fears, doubts, inhibtion and how most of them are passed on to you by someone.
Society teaches us various things, however misses out on the most important element- to Accept& Love Yourself. We consider our thoughts to be our own, however it is possible that you are trying to “fit in”.

Expected benefit for audience: The audience is expected to question their idea about life and related aspects. Once they become aware of their thoughts, they will be more open to take responsibility of their lives. Essentially, being responsible for their Happiness.


This session includes researches from Psychology combined with tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming to throw light on how humans think and the possibility to discover your own thoughts amongst clouds of people in your head.

Speaker bio

I am a 24yrs old Psychologist, NLP Practitioner and an Entrepreneur.
Till one year ago I was lost, I was not happy with my job, and other aspects. I wanted to discover what I needed to fix to be comfortable. I worked on myself with a mentor and discovered how much of my life was thoughts/ideas/rules given by other people. The frustration was nothing but a dilemma to be “good enough”. The moment I realised “I am good enough as per me” I became congruent. I shrugged off useless views and now I am my original version.