Secrets of small scale filmmaking - Making feature films with people/things you can fit in a car by Sudhish Kamath

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by Roy Dipankar (proposing) on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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An experience sharing session on making the jump from DIY/mumblecore to professional-driven small-scale filmmaking.


Mumblecore films are amateur & indie looking by definition. With the growing clutter of 500 such features made every year - most of them dead on arrival - content today needs to be clutter breaking & yet meet quality standards set by bigger productions to reach the viewer on platforms like Netflix.

Speaker bio

Sudhish Kamath has made four feature films - from the mumblecore coming of age That four letter word (2005) to a phone romance Good Night Good Morning (2010), a collaborative genre bending serialised anthology X - Past is Present (2015) & a real world musical Side A Side B (2017) that was shot on a train from Guwahati to Mumbai with iPhones. Kamath is also a journalist and film critic with two decades of experience.


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    [-] Milroy Goes 2 years ago

    Sounds good, I can take up this. We made one!
    - Milroy Goes

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    [-] Roy Dipankar 2 years ago

    Of course you can propose another session on what you think best to talk about.
    This one’s to be presented by Sudhish Kamath that you are welcome to attend, so hope to see you at TGP!

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