MAHABHARATA OF THE MIND by Sashikanth Ananthachari

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by Roy Dipankar (proposing) on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Interactive Media & Cinema

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MAHABHARATA OF THE MIND includes a trilogy of films ‘KELAI DRAUPADAI’, ‘NINAIVIN NAGARAM’, ‘KALPAVAASI’ and a book ‘MAHABHARATA OF THE MIND’, which explores the mythologies of the 3 films, providing a free flowing photo/prose narrative framing the three films. The lecture is to create awareness towards this multi-prong project driving interest towards viable collaborations, co-production, financing avenues & more.


Mahabharata, in Indic traditions, while being a narrative of a fratricidal war composed by Vyasa, is also a narrative where the collective memories of the community are stored and transmitted. The trilogy of films and the book deals with one elaborate instance of this process in the Mahabharata traditions of Tamilnadu. The first film ‘Kelai Draupadai’ is complete and has been screened extensively all across the world. ‘Ninavin Nagaram’ and ‘Kalpavaasi’ are in the final stages of post-production. The written text of the book ‘Mahabharata of the Mind’ is nearing completion with only the photographs illustrating the text yet to be done.

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After graduating in Cinema from FTII, Pune, I worked as a cinematographer shooting arthouse feature films and documentaries at Calcutta. I have shot over 300 documentaries and about 6 feature films.
My most noted work would be;
“Under the green canopy” A documentary on the Onges in the Andaman Islands [1988] Dir Kaushik Gupta-Ray “Kaal Abhirati” [Time Addiction] Dir Amitabh Chakraborthy. Golden Peacock for the Best Experimental Film, National Awards, 1991 “Yugant” [Bengali] Dir Aparna Sen. Golden Peacock for the Best Bengali Film, National Awards, 1995 “Veli” [The Open] An experimental documentary on the river Kaveri [1997] Dir Bala Kailasam and Sashikanth Ananthachari. Official Selection at the Blow Up Chicago Arthouse International Film Festival, 2016.