LGBT Inclusion at workplace - roundtable

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by Chandra Moulee on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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Technical level


The objective of this session is to understand the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion at workplace.


The debate around the LGBTQ+ rights in India and the community is visible and gaining momentum as never before. the discussion around inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees at social setup is going on for a while, but inclusion at the workplace is still a new topic. Even if we think that we are inclusive, our inclusion might be excluding someone without our knowledge. This session (round table) is to discuss unconsious bias, what constitues inclusion and how to check our privilege and exclusionary behaviour at workplace - which would eventually help outside workplace as well.


Mic, projector to show slides.

Speaker bio

Moulee is based in Chennai, India, and was instrumental in starting his employer’s first LGBT ERG in India. Outside his day job Moulee is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and engages with corporations and educational institutions to improve their diversity and inclusion efforts. He is a regular contributor to LGBT and mainstream news outlets in India and is in the process of documenting the contemporary Queer History of Chennai.


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Thanks for submitting this proposal. This looks very promising. Do you have a sense of the direction in which you want to steer this conversation? Have you moderated sessions like these before?

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      [-] Chandra Moulee 2 years ago

      I have moderated sessions in corporates and educational institutions on LGBT inclusion. I usually follow one of the following method based on the audience and the program agenda. (1) Workshop-Lecture - I use this method to bring awareness on the topic where the audience understanding level is basic to none. This is used to cascade the information (2) Roundtable - I use this method when the audience are aware of the idea of LGBT inclusion and are ready to learn and share their understanding along with me. Here I set the stage by introducing the topic and let the audience know what they are expected to do or not do. Then the discussion around a series of real life scenarios and how they would react/deal in those situations.

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