Choreographer/ artist's interpretation of a text and process of execution

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by Manasi Pandya Raghunandan on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Performing Arts

Session type

Technical level


To bring out the aspects which lay before a choreographer before choreographing a piece
to analyse the factors that result in a certain way of artistic exoression
the problems or limitations a choreographer has
the importance of interpretation of a text for a work of art
the process of analysis and delivering the final piece or art
relation and refences to other streams and backgroun while dealing with interpretation of a text for a work of choreography
usage of bodylanguage, gestures and supportive materials to comeup to the level of expressing the analysis of interpretation of a text done by a choreographer


The workshop could be divided in 4 parts
A small lecture that conveys the contents of the topic
an interactive session
practically trying out bodymovements and gestures from different indian forms of dances and drama to relate to the objectives and topic of the workshop
to consolidate the theory and the practical and come up with a short coreographic piece with the participats present
last part could be the question and answers and showcase of the choreographic work (that consists of a theme, langaue and literature and grammar of classical dance forms


notebook, pen
interest in language and literature
indian culture and myths/mythology
comfortable dress to do dance movements
basic knowledge of rhythm
open for discussion and has patience.

Speaker bio

i am a classical dance artist and a writer by passion
i love traveking and gaining exposure through visiting places, meeting people and knowing their culture.
i come from the family for artists and dance is my soul.
i love learning languages and i love applying different themes and topics to varied aspects of writing and performing arts
i hold masters degree in performing arts dance and also masters defree in English literature. i hold a diploma in Bharatanatyam and odissi and a PG diploma in french and Spanish. i do freelance writing and i review dance performances. i am the director of Abhivyakti dance centre Bangalore and i was invited to showcase my work of classical dance and workshops at Spain, Mauritius, france, pakistan, nepal, sri lanka, singapore, malaysia, andaman and nikobar etc and recently at Serbia and Russia.
i connect to people, to their hearts through my work of arts.