Coding is the new literacy

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by Pratik Agarwal (proposing) on Thursday, August 31, 2017

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To spread the awareness about the importance of computational and programmatic thinking in this rapidly evolving world.


A discussion around the growing need of digital education in the Indian ecosystem. The talk focusses on the future of Indian Tech Education and the importance of a growth mindset in the current time.

Speaker bio

Avinash Jhangiani is Chief Innovation Officer at Omnicom Media Group India with more than 18 years of digital & technology leadership experience in the US and India. He is on IMPACT’s Digital Power 100 list of most influential icons in India as well as on the list of India’s Top 50 most innovative CIOs.

From starting to code at the age of 14, Avinash now heads a digital transformation and innovations consulting unit that hacks growth for companies using Design Thinking. This hands-on approach allows brands and businesses to explore radical, unconventional ideas with emerging technologies such as IOT, virtual / augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc in areas of customer experience, sales and operations, and new business models. At innovation workshops for clients and many premier colleges, Avinash uses this immersive approach along with LEGO, DIY electronics, and other experiential games.

During his tenure as Managing Director - Digital, Avinash’s relentless focus on innovation for clients at Omnicom resulted in record-breaking number of awards including 4 Gold Lions at the prestigious CANNES festival in the last 3 years. Prior to Omnicom, Avinash worked with Deloitte Consulting in the US for 6 years where he won the CEO’s award on Sustainability at the first Innovation Quest. Subsequently Avinash led IT & Digital transformation at Reliance MediaWorks as Chief Information Officer during which he was selected as Finalist for the IDG’s CIO 100 awards.

Avinash strongly believes that the future of mankind is in the hands who code and build for sustainability across environmental, social and economic pillars. Outside his professional endeavors, Avinash leverages STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts to teach lessons about humility, hardwork, creativity and collaboration. He finds inspiration for digital innovation from the Golden Ratio in nature.