Frame of Reference (Seeing from other's point of view)

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by Ramkumar RS on Friday, September 1, 2017


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Technical level


Caution :During the workshop You will have to truthfully practice and try, to see the point of view of other people in your personal / professional lives, with whom you have irreconcilable difference of opinion, people whom, you are 110% sure, that they are wrong, people who are your sworn enemies, people who have deeply hurt you without any fault from your side..and so on. By the end of the session all the participants would have mastered the art of “uncovering the boundaries of their own frame of reference” and “discovering the frame of references of others”.


The workshop will take you through an intense halfday “workout for the mind”, in which you will exercise rigourously on the topic of “Frame of Reference” and “Seeing from other’s point of view”. There will be no theory, but only practice, guided by the workshop facilitator (RSR), followed by sharing of insights and experiences by each participant followed by more practice-more sharing-more practice-more sharing, till we reach the end of the session time slot.


The courage to sit through a half day workout for the mind, where you will be expected to voluntarily question your long held beliefs and grudges about others, share it publicly for scrutiny and get them demolished if necessary.

Speaker bio

Ramkumar R S, is currently a consultant/ advisor to multiple early stage companies in Chennai. He also conducts two day workshops titled “Leading from Within”. He is a published author and poet. He is also a Bharanatyam Dancer and a disciple of Kalaimamani Narthaki Nataraj (started learning at the age of 35).


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Hello Ram, do you have links to videos of similar workshops you have conducted?

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    [-] Ramkumar RS 2 years ago

    My workshops outside are for 2 days (20 hours), which I have done 20+ batches so far.The frame of reference part is about 20-25% of it. There are no videos available, but you can see the feedback from participants in this link :

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