"No trust feature, No business in India"

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by Vikram Kumar on Sunday, September 3, 2017


Session type

Technical level


Talking points, folks attending this session would get a chance to discuss the below..
1) How to take a complex human problem like trust and solve that using technology.
2) Help understand design thinking. Where i explain how we went about finding the problem, understanding the problem, coming up with the tech solution, implementing it and then validating it.


This would be my agenda
1) Introduction to what trust means for businesses.
2) Examples of how Indian businesses have been solving this till date.
3) Examples of new age tech startup failing to solve this and how it effected them
4) What does it mean for technology companies to solve trust
5) What would be the design thinking for solving trust
6) End with how ExploreLifeTraveling is solving trust and traction and feedback we have received so far.


come with questions :). A bit of research on www.ExploreLifeTraveling.com

Speaker bio

I am working on solving the trust issue between hosts and guests. I have met close to 500 hosts in india. Understanding all the different cultures and what makes one human in India trust another human when they can’t rely on government proofs. My startup is www.ExploreLifeTraveling.com (Solving Trust in the home sharing market).