[WITHDRAWN] The 5 seconds commercials and how they take control of our life

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by ramesh elamathi on Monday, September 4, 2017

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Commercials are not just selling products or services. Now they change the way people think and behave. They set the tone, bit-by-bit.

This talks is about how we can remain conscious about these commercials and claim our life back.


I never thought that the 5-second commercials would set the tone of my own life without me realising it.
One day i sat at home and saw what are all we have. And to my amazement, I find things that are being repeatedly advertised.
So I went ahead and checked with the friends. I could see a similar pattern everywhere. More interestingly, the commercials also alter the way we think, apart from the wares they are selling. The mindset itself is being altered bit-by-bit.


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I am a Journalist turned Software Engineer turned Entreprenuer, running a 1.5-year old business with a turnover of Rs. 1 crore. Have a variety of interests and read a lot. I am more interested in studying consumer behaviour.
In the process of becoming an entreprenuer, there are a lots of interesting persons and perspectives that shaped and made me what I am today. Hope this makes me an eligible person to talk 5 minutes about commercials


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    [-] Anindo Ghosh 2 years ago

    Hi Ramesh, could we have a brief discussion on your proposed session? You can reach out to either Badri Natarajan or me (Anindo Ghosh), we are the curators for the Fringe & Geekery track.

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    [-] ramesh elamathi 2 years ago


    Sure… Do you guys would like a skype call or what’s up call or a discussion here ?

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