# the biriyani diet -- your lazy weight-loss program

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by Annelise Piers on Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Session type

Technical level


To lift the weight off participants (pun intended) by reprogramming their mind and body to lose weight


“In 2011, using my own 94kg body as lab, we found a gentle system that helped me get fit AND keep the weight off. Today at 72ish kgs, I’m commited to helping women like me find a system that fits and is sustainable.” Annelise Piers

The workshop is designed to help individuals
1. reprogram their mind to think thin
2. understand how fixing one’s digestion can help BIG time (are we in fact full of shit? >)
3. learn to balance hormones with essential oils – especially those monthly bloats and sugar cravings


a quiet space to accomodate the sign ups with ample room to move around in
A4 note pads and pens
a screen and projector
two mics for both fascilitators
1.5 minimum or 3 hours max for a fully immersive workshop

Speaker bio

Hi, we’re Annelise Piers and Rahul George, founders of The Biriyani Diet – a gentle way to ease your body into balance and find a system of beliefs, food and movement that works for you.

We understand what it takes to work with your body and keep your mind on track of your fitness goals, having walked in your shoes and even vegged on the couch for years.

We are Master Practitioners And Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming, licensed by co-founder Dr. Bandler in the US and UK. We use this mind technology in the field of personal wellness coaching along with targeted yoga routines and customized essential oil blends.

Our mission is to reach 1000 women before the end of 2017 and help them make that one change that’ll stay with you for the rest of your lives.