Drama and Empathy

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by Ramamoorthi Parasuram on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Performing Arts

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Technical level


Difference between Sympathy and Empathy
How to develop Self Empathy
How to Empathise with your partner


What do I mean when i say I love You : why do i say it: do i mean what i say. Do my actions support my Word. Do I believe what you say. Things are difficult if we dont understand the emotions involved can we Empathise?
Can you differentiaate between Sympathy and Empathy?
come and do a workshop with me


Computer and audio visual projection Facilities. Good hall with less furniture.

Speaker bio

Poet/theatre artist and Autism advocate. Born in a large family with compassion and love.
I know what I mean when i speak. I dont mince words.


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    [-] Ramamoorthi Parasuram 2 years ago

    what is stated for young persons with Autism apply to all Neuro-Typicals too.

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