Education & Internet in your language or in English?

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by Drashti Pandya on Tuesday, September 5, 2017


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Make people awre about why language is important at anywhere. Turning towards more English and give less importance to your mothertoungue isn’t good way to getting yourself at global level.


  • 60% of user on Internet is non-English people and 98% of content onn Intenet is in English.

  • How would this match? Other people mandatorly have to learn English to make progress.

    We insist children to learn English langauge since childhood. And, That’s not bad but giving important to mothertounge is also important. We’ll debate on localisation topic why people turn toward english language, Is there no scope If you don’t know English and what can be solution.

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I used to arrange this type of events earlier. No matter it’s on web literacy or open source. it’s important to have clarity of topic and healither output.

You can check at here.


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Have you conducted this debate earlier, Drashti? Will you have collaborators to run the debate on the ground? Tell us more. :)

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    [-] Drashti Pandya 2 years ago (edited 2 years ago)

    Hi Zainab! Unfortunatelly I haven’t get chance to conduct debate.When I present at global level I got many contradict view as well as support views. So, It is not become exactly like debate but when people do brain storming & giving objection then more mature our project gets.In the end they also get somehow agree to localisation is major part of any business. Regarding to your question on currently we are team of 4 poeple not sure how many of them ready to attend this. If you looking for fitting this session in other than debate, let me know I have also some activities to teach localisation and importance of language.Feel free If you need more detail :)

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