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by Padmagowri Pichumani on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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Present our free app “Algebra On Nudge” that is designed for school kids. It is an interactive solution that gently nudges the student towards the solution one step at a time. We feel “the Goa project” would be a great place to have people explore this new concept and provide us with ideas and feedback that can be used for our future versions.


Algebra on Nudge is a do-it-yourself app that:
- Lets you solve linear equations and word problems using simple gestures - You can solve word problems by forming statements, creating equation and solving it step by step - “Problem Help” feature helps you understand what to look for while reading the problem - Help is at hand when you are stuck - Provides instant feedback when you go wrong - Problem sets are automatically tailored for you

The intuitive gestures and resulting visual transformations provide a unique sensory learning experience for an abstract topic like algebra. Parents and teachers get to see reports that provide comprehensive feedback including ratings for each concept that is used.


Space to place a couple of tablets (ipads & android tablets) where participants can have try the app.

Speaker bio

Padmagowri is co-founder of Benciti Technology, which is building the Nudge platform for interactive math learning. She has a masters degree in Electrical Communications Engineering from IISc and has also done a diploma in child psychology. Prior to staring Benciti, she worked in the area of Digital Signal Processing for Motorola for a period of 16 years.