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by John Devaraj on Monday, September 11, 2017

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To foster and develop a culture of Peace


Worldpeacemuseum concept
The idea of the Peace Museum springs from the fact that present day children and youth are unaware and ignorant of the dangers of war, existence of armies, defense expenditures all linked up with their daily life. War is not a particular time of exchange of gunfire or physical battles. But the value, priority and the practice of human hatred, greed, want possession, killing and destruction Most of our natural and national resources are spent on human destruction than on human construction. There is a proxy war going on everywhere in the world. Arming to the teeth with the latest technology weapons of war. Flexing our muscles and ready to fight a no need battle. India produces a Saras fighter plane rather than tend to children’s education. Half of our national resource is spent on “Defense” directly and indirectly. Why is there a need? Every time you buy a banana for two rupees , a rupee went to war efforts! From a cup of tea for Rs 4, two rupees went to the making of the bullet!? Why They did not ask you but you said yes with your silence. Silence at the practices of violence is not neutrality but taking the side of the oppressor.
When two atom bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 killing 350 000 people we said a third atom bomb will not fall. But today the nuclear weapons stockpile has reached an all time high of 30 000! 80 in India and 80 Pakistan {as shown in the Hiroshima Memorial peace park map of Nuclear Weapons. The star war bombs jingle and dangle 2.5 kilograms of dynamite over everybody’s heads on this planet! In the last 5000 years of human history there have been only 147 years of peace. Rest of the days and years have been spent on killing each other. The History of Man is the history of War.

Which means the dominant culture pervading our lives is the culture of Violence. No consent of the people is sought for the Practice of War… The merchants of greed and death manufacture weapons of mass destruction, to eliminate, liquidate and devastate innocent people…manipulating them to accept war culture.
standing army but a defense force.
What is war all about? Is it an act of patriotism in the defense of the homeland? Is it just a business? We want young minds to think about terra the Beautiful planet. If twenty-five nations in the world have no armies lived without fear of insecurity or aggression from its neighbors
Is war a necessity?
What are the Hibakushas { Atomic bomb survivors} say?
What do US war veterans in the Vietnam say>?
What does Mahatma Gandhi say on the Atom Bomb about Non violence?
How did Nelson Mandela Practice Non violence against the Apartheid regime?
How did gain his freedom? What is the strength and power of an individual to change society?
What did John Lennon mean when he sang…Imagine there no countries…! How do artists Singers, filmmakers, dancers, photographers react to war and the production of a culture of Peace. War photographers and Journalist risked their lives to chronicle the wars of the world.
Paul Robeson could stop a war with a song. Imagine the power of a gun against the voice of the ballad. These and more critical questions we want to place before the young mind in the Peace Museum.
The Peace Museum
The Peace Museum is of two levels.
1 The Physical Museum and II The Virtual Museum.

I The Physical Museum The Physical Museum will be set over a space 10 ~ 20 acres and will contain models, images, Photographs, films. Documentary Library housed in Physical structures at the campus,
The Nazi Concentration camp at Auschwitz will be recreated, the tons of human hair, mugs, shoes that chills your spine…The killing fields of the Khmer rouge, where the dictator Pol pot exterminated his own people . Nelson Mandela’s Jail in Robben island where one can be locked in for a minute to experience what Mandela experienced for 30 years! The story of Vietnam and valiant resistance of her people .
The History of origins of WWI ~ WWII ~The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ~The US war against war ~ The Indo China war ~ The Polpot killing fields of Cambodia and the killing of 2 million, The Indo- Pak war, The Bangladesh war ~ The Palestine-Israel Conflict ~ The Struggle of Nelson Mandela against Racism and its victory ~The Dream of Martin Luther king, The Vision of Mahatma Gandhi and his practice of Non Violence ~ The peaceful resistance of the Burmese democracy leader Aung Sun Suu Ki
Images of and Philosophies of great thinkers who changed the world Buddha, Jesus, Basavanna, Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Mother Teresa , Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King,
Teresa , Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King,
It will profoundly display Artists, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, dramatists and people’s movements for Peace, It will showcase world artists with the body of their work The peace Museum will run a peace café which will show peace performances and provide a forum for dialogue and discussions for poets, writers and artistic work on the theme of Peace.
Images and the work of Jimmy Cliff, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Pete Seeger, Jose Marti, Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, Paul Robeson, Michael Jackson who changed the world through Music and song will be on display at the Sadako Museum.
II The Virtual Museum.
The Virtual Museum is to bring all that is there in physical Museum to a young mind in the village school and to the class room of every school in the world through the internet revolution.
Just by a click a young mind can be trained to understand all that happened in the world, the critical events, the significant changes. It will bring the body of work of the poet and the pacifist, the Artist and the saint, the propagandist and the Prophets of Peace to the world. Just click www.
Young people around the world, peacemakers will be recruited to identify and contribute to the content writing of the virtual museum.
A one hour show will be created, that can be taken to the schools and colleges to be projected in the prefabricated auditoriums and bring discussion and dialogue on the Culture of war, Culture of Peace and for conflict resolution.
Schools and colleges will be requested to send student groups to visit the Peace Museum wherein they will view the exhibition, watch theatrical performances discuss and debate the issue and get home armed with a certificate of Peace
Peace museum is urgently required. It is socially relevant. Politically correct and commercially highly earning with an average daily footfall of 5000 people. It will generate high revenue. It will generate high interest in researchers, academicians, Peace movements. It is also unique in the world as it will bring together the knowledge and information of museums all over the world under one umbrella
Land required:50 to 100 acres. Start up fund 50 Lakhs


The subject will be proposed with song, musicm mime and video presentation. The mime BLACK AND WHITE ALL ARE BROTHERS . It is short 10 inutes mime performance. I call it silent non violent communication. It winds up with a charcoal drawing. Only when Black and white mix will there be color. Art is supreme. Required: projector, sound system,two mikes with stand,

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Formal Education in Civil Engineering
Practicing Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Cinema and stage Art Director, Musician, Film Maker, Photographer, Play Wright, Actor, Puppeteer Facilitator and Consultant for culture, youth and events.