[CANCELLED] Protecting Personal Private space at work

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by vaidhyanathan Ananthakrishnan on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Protecting our personal space at work is much tougher in an open culture. This session aims to achieve it without compromising the culture of the workplace .


The walls are down , communication barriers swept aside, one cheers for the openness while others lose their privacy.

It is really important to respect a coworkers’ privacy. But in today’s evolving work culture, privacy is becoming more of a myth. Starting from loud ringtones to awkward elbow rubs, everything is a threat to personal space. In an environment like this where you have to be highly conscious, undivided attention to work is simply too hard to achieve. Stress and caffeine levels go up.

And why does this happen? Because people just do not know where boundaries begin and end. Charting that out will be the first step to solving the problem.


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Working as a developer who is constantly losing personal space and is tired of reconstructing it every day in a highly open cultured environment.