Being a tree hugging hippie in the globalized world

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by Sanket Bhale on Thursday, September 14, 2017


Session type

Technical level


To evaluate and understand the practical methods of reducing one’s environmental footprint in modern, hyperconnected world.


The lecture/ presentation would try to adress following qustions:

As an individual who is looking to reduce one’s environmental impacts, what are the challenges that the globalised enconomies and trade throw up? As a consumer, what products have the highest footprints? Are green products really green? Does vegan/ vegetarian/ organic diets help? How do Indians compare to the rest of the world? Can an individual behavioural change make any difference? What more can an individual do? And most importantly, why should everyone care about answers to these questions?


None. Except interest in the topic.

Speaker bio

Sanket Bhale is an Engineer/MBA turned environmentalist. As an Associate Director of the Sustainable Business team of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - India, Sanket works on sustainability issues related to businesses, supply chains, markets and global trade. Apart from his day job, Sanket is also an ardent trekker, cyclist and long distance runner and is interested in generally living a minimalist lifestyle.


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Interesting. Have you delivered this talk earlier? Do you have a slide deck we can see?

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    [-] Sanket Bhale 2 years ago

    Hi Zainab,

    I have delivered this to a smaller audience within the organisation. For general audience, with no background in environmental sciences, I’m working on a deck with a broader message. Here’s the outline I’m working on:

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