Live in Chennai - A Journey of Independent Music

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by rohan sen on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Performing Arts

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To showcase the impotance of a fluid infrastructure for any art form to reach an audiance.


A complete cycle leads to a formation of a community that feeds the art.
A radio show promoting independent music that expanded into a live concert series that led to a strong bond betwen two organisations which resulted in great things being done for independent music and film in Chennai. Showcased at two stellar festivals this is the story of how when the heart is in the right place magical things happen.


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Speaker bio

There was once a Bengali half blood who landed up in Chennai to do his undergrad and ended up staying on for 7 years to discover the mystical connection between broadcast, music and live performances.

Rohan Sen has been an active part of the independent cultural fabric of Chennai for the last 10 years and has now shifted base to New Delhi India. From RJ and promoter of independent music to curator and organizer of some of the most progressive live music showcased in the capital of Tamil Nadu he and his band Grey Shack have been an intrinsic part of the soundscape in the region. He now works for Teamwork Arts in Delhi and is part of the Marketing and Sponsorship team for the Jazz India Circuit


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    [-] Zainab Bawa 2 years ago

    Why is this talk proposed under society track and not arts and performances? What is the objective you intend to convey through the talk?

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    [-] rohan sen 2 years ago

    Hi Zainab, the objective is to convey how a fluid eco system between artists, media, promoter and event planer need to work together to ensure a continous patronage of the arts by society. The more society consumes the more prevelant the art becomes. Thus the categorisation of society. Thanks for the comment.

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    [-] Shrabonti Bagchi 2 years ago

    Zainab we are picking this up for music and performing arts.

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