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by Yeswanth S on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fringe & Geekery

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Technical level


Would like to speak on my experience trying out every other activity that interested me… Even though I never possibly excelled at each of them.


5 years back when I came out of college and entered the real world, I knew that the naive and introverted personality of myself would not take me very far. I reached to my exploratory attitude, and opened my mind to try out many new activities… Volunteering, Theatre, Toastmasters, Solo Travel, Drums, Tennis, Badminton, Salsa. Each of these activities are pretty new to me and I probably still suck at most of them today. This talk is about my experience doing these activities and why I will continue to try more and more activities (or) retry the some of the activities that I failed to be good at.

Speaker bio

Yeswanth is a Software Engineer by profession, but a traveller, explorer and an adventurer by passion :)