Resisting Evil: From abstract philosophies and social science to a call for action

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by Virapandy Thulasimani on Sunday, September 17, 2017


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Technical level


A call for individual action; action to resist and invalidate conditions that pass on evil around us.


Most bad that happens around does not happen because of truly bad people. In fact normal people, like you and me, hold a tremendous capacity for evil.

This talk is about taking a deeper look at the conditions required for the propagation of evil. We will draw perspectives from religion, philosophy, social sciences and is a call for individual action; action to resist and invalidate conditions that can pass on evil. It is a call to revaluate everyday choices and deeds. Simple, everyday acts that are often relegated to mindless tasks can also be radical statements. It is a hope for a much engaged, mindful liveliness!

This talk is definitively not about any prescriptive morals.


Projector and screen. (If not accessible then I can think about alternatives)

Speaker bio

I’d love to use terms like ‘business agilist’ for a professional outlook and ‘cat herder’ for my everyday work. Essentially a Business Analyst on a Thoughtworks team that puts in place solutions, mostly tech, for clients across domains. Apart from that I play a role in furthering Thoughtworks India’s ‘diversity & inclusion’ initiatives.

Beyond work, I travel, primarily to engage with life and culture in different corners of the world. And when I cannot travel, I delve in history, current happenings, social justice, philosophy. And I do add a dose of some endurance activity (distance running, triathlon, trekking, cycling, biking, fasting et al) when I can. I am naturally curious. I have a preference for the unorthodox and random happenstances.