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by Ojasvi on Sunday, September 17, 2017


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


Understanding two things:
What we’re doing TODAY to “fix” the gender disparity in the tech world.
What’s needed to get more women onboard to use technology as a tool in the process of creation.


The talk deals with the speaker’s challenges and journey lessons in building a program that caters to building future ready Girls-In-Technology.
While the workshop is a starting example to building a maker-mindset especially relatable to the current entreprenurial generation. Design and Lateral thinking exercises eliciting valuable data out of people from different walks of life, assuming the audience in attendance will be that considering it’s a different kinda event, will be used in tailoring the workshop for its actual intended audience (middle-school girls across the country) (the same workshop plan brought us invites from FAB13 fest this year, happening in Chile)
It’s a 3-hour workshop focusing on adaptive thinking and the frugal mind (India, duh).


An open-mind and a pen should be just fine.

Speaker bio

Recently back from representing the country on a European Maker platform called FabLab Fest 2017 in Toulouse,France, Ojasvi was awed after meeting and conversing with path-breaking makers(many of whom happened to be women, something of a novelty, which was realised after she tried to recount successful women makers she knew) from across the world. What started off as a Google search turned into an vested enquiry in how do women relate to technology and why do we see so few of them actively contributing to it today, in this age.
As one of the only two female winners for the 25Under25 Awards in Science and Technology, with a social innovation project making it to the finals for the prestigious Rolex Entreprise Awards 2016, a Finalist for MIT Bootcamp 2017, this Tech Maker handles the Electronics Division in Workbench Projects(A FabLab and Makerspace) and has recently been the youngest Lead Instructor for this year’s ASSET Summer Program.


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    [-] Mekin Maheshwari 2 years ago

    Hi Ojaswi,

    The session type you have picked is Lightnight talk but the description seems to talk of a workshop.
    Could you clarify & share the flow of how you would like to run this.

    Have you run a similar session on the topic before? Could you share flow/video/notes from that?

    • Mekin co-editor for Society track

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    [-] Ojasvi 2 years ago

    Hey Mekin!

    So that was one thing even I wanted to ask if we could apply for both, but since I was pressed for time I tagged the first one I saw (yeah, that was silly)

    So, I can explain the concept of Made By Her through a Lightening Talk, and/or conduct a workshop that we would be doing with the students as a start to the program, since the exercises are a mix of Frugal Innovation, Design and Adaptive thinking, it would be interesting(from a research point of view) as to how the TGP Audience reacts to them.

    Happy Making!
    Workbench Projects

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