Why it is difficult to learn a musical instrument? How can we improve?

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by Vivek Jhaver on Monday, September 18, 2017

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Open up the discussion why almost half of us failed in learning a musical instrument? What are the common challenges that people face when starting to learn a musical instrument and how we can overcome that?


Almost every one of us wanted to play one or the other musical instrument at some point of life. Most of us also started learning but never continued it long enough so that they we can enjoy the instrument or say that we know the instrument and can play and improvise on our own.

We will try to understand and see why it’s difficult to learn an instrument and how we can improve upon and overcome those challenges. Few of the challenges that a beginner face when starting are:
1) Priority.
2) No improvement even after spending time.
3) Wrong expectations
4) Unable to learn from teacher or through other means.
5) Lot of others

We will try to understand and summarize the challenges faced by the audience and come to logical conclusions on how we can improve the learning process through various activities.

Speaker bio

Vivek Jhaver is an information addict, techy and music lover. He plays guitar and try out other instruments also like drums (beginner), keyboard, flute. The next on the list are violin and maybe electronic music production. He is software developer by primary profession.