Do we ask the right question

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by Ketki Arbat on Wednesday, September 20, 2017


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Technical level


As they say every problem comes with a solution, do we actually ask the right questions on personal or social level to get to a solution. Hope to discuss about a logical thought process to reach to conclusions that would shape your decisions and the outcome of the same. Our choices define us and while making a choice we tend to rely more on our past experience or a popular opinion. So how can we create something without breaking these barriers. It can be related to your career, business, personal matters or your contribution in building the society.


Why is the toughest question to find answer to. As many times either there is no answer or it is mostly irrelevent. So the idea is to question all the questions we ask on day to day level that define you as a person.


Paper, pen and an open mind.

Speaker bio

It was not education or public opinion that has helped me to run a multispeciality hospital for last 10 years along with a NGO PRAWAH and a performing art forum MANCH. Have trained more than 1000 students and school teachers for Self development along with personal counselling.