I am an Introvert with Social Skills and you can be one too!

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by Anish V on Thursday, September 21, 2017


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Technical level


To make introverts feel comfortable dealing with people while acknowledging and respecting the fact that they are introverts.


This workshops outlines the interaction process, breaking it down into elements that natural introverts can understand, acquire, and apply in daily life. It makes it easier to network for work, have better communication in relationships, and take away the pressure of social situations.


A/V medium (TV/Projector & Screen), white/black board and writing material.

Speaker bio

I am an ex-copywriter turned brand strategist and community builder. Although I am an introvert, I have pushed myself to develop social skills that allowed me to create and run a writing community since 2011 (it sees a hundred members turn up for each monthly meet!), teach a variety of subjects in an engaging manner, and liase with various businesses and individuals for work.


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    [-] Shyam Sundar Sharma 2 years ago

    It sounds interesting!

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    [-] Shyam Sundar Sharma 2 years ago

    It sounds interesting!

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    [-] Mekin Maheshwari 2 years ago

    Hi Anish,

    I am a co-editor for the Society track & find your talk interesting. Have you done this session before? Could you share a flow/slides/video?

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      [-] Anish V 2 years ago

      Hi Mekin,

      I have not done this specific one before, although I have done workshops on navigating social situations. I can share the flow for this one with you. Could you please share your email id?

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