Change of Perspectives in making and seeing Films

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by Kunal Chowdhury on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Interactive Media & Cinema

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BoF Meet

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I am a writer, researcher, good film audience and a film maker. In this session, I want to interact about the movement which started from images to moving image and post that which led to a space where Society got engaged in that spectrum of spectacle. Post that the evolution and changes which is the essence of film making and the nuances which makes a film to be watched and also which leads to the changing language of this 100 yera old medium.I want to communicate and understand the power of this medium alongside my realizations. I also want to communicate about documentation and documentary space of Indian cinemas.


From the “Ways of Seeing” to “Society of Spectacle” to “Dogma Theory” and finally to “The Slow Cinema Movement”, the evolution and also the change in perspective on Documentary film making, it’s genre and it’s limitless possibilies in the future of film making and documentation.


Projector, A chair and a Mic., with people to interact.

Speaker bio

I am a researcher, film maker and associate director for last 8-9 years. As i am not from the film school background, from the very begining it has been a learning and updating process for me. As a passionate one to films, i have seen how films come to life, it’s process like a mother is taking care of her new born child. so, the mutual way of learning and interaction has always been my favourite.
I have attached my working resume in the links.
Hope i will get a chance to learn and unlearn myself in this session.