Going Back To The Roots. And Trees. And Leaves.

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by Sameer Shisodia on Thursday, September 21, 2017


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Technical level


Sustainable Farming is a solution that could help with a lot of things that plague us. Especially done the community way - as a collective.

Jobs, food, the economy, the ecology, our sense of community, democracy - being a producer in a way that rejuvenates rather than extracts could be the big game changer, even as we grapple with AI, oil peaks and climate change.

Want to discuss, explore and influence the best minds to be seized of this problem.


As I started connecting more dots, I came upon the issue of growing food, the sustainability of scaled agriculture, then discovered ZBNF, permacuture. Add to it the ennui that the city births in so many, and the disconnectedness from “around us”.

Thus was botm the idea of collective farms. And how it can be a small change agent for big changes, both personally, and for the world.

I’d like to present what I’ve learned so far, thought so far and done so far. And hear more thoughts, more opinions, questions. Because we owe it to the kids to try fix some of hat we have done.


A projector. And a curious audience.

Speaker bio

Entrepreneur, (ex?) techie, product manager, cyclist, father of two, wannabe farmer


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    [-] Mekin Maheshwari 2 years ago

    Hi Sameer,

    Have you done a similar session before? Could you share the flow/notes?

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    [-] Sameer Shisodia 2 years ago

    Informally, yes. Will share the slides by Sun.

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