Fail-Fail- Fail, Succeed. Repeat.

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by Sanil Sachar on Friday, September 22, 2017


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Failures are perceived as akin to death. A dead end. It is the most subliminal emotion that we often just whisper of, even to ourselves. We tend to believe there is nothing beyond. The fact is that most successes are a by-product of failures.

This 20 minutes session will cover the truth behind why failure occurs and the reasons behind the fear it brings along with it. Activities and demonstrations will uncover the calculated steps to overcome failure, each time it knocks on our door.

Visual and verbal representation will be in play to demonstrate these methods, with the audience being core participants towards combined success.


Over 7 billion individuals in this world are interlinked by one experience faced by all and that is failure. This interactive session will explore the least acknowledged ‘F’ word, our fear of failure and how to overcome it. Failure = Success is a formula that will be discussed, with the help of an interactive session engaging the audiences to understand the importance of failure and how to overcome it in order to achieve it’s close cousin, success!

The importance of failure, overcoming the stigma attached to it, which results in us fearing the consequences of failure, will be covered through activities an demnstrations. Analytical exercises centring the process of distiniguishing between failure and success, along with the truth of both these occurrences being momentary and stepping stones for future endeavors will be dwelled into.

This fast paced session will reveal the tricks of the trade to overcome not only the fear of failure but the aspect of failure, through a three step method.

The audience will be the driving factor to these steps and the surprises in store will be the gps to us reaching our mark.


Participants wouldn’t be required to bring anything with them, however surprises and installations are in store!

Speaker bio

Sanil Sachar is an author with three successful titles to his credit, is also an energetic and sharp witted entrepreneur with two ventures, a movie producter and a motivational speaker. He moves with great dexterity between varied creative and entrepreneurial roles, instilling in each his depth and gravitas.

In a very short span he has credited himself with a rich and eclectic collection of writings including over 120 works of poetry, 25 short stories, 2 plays, being one of the few writers in the country to be published in all forms of literature.

Sanil infuses great thought and analytical skills to his talks, inspiring young achievers through a series of interactive sessions he has given at prestigious educational institutes including IIT, BITS Pilani, Delhi University etc. As an author he has addressed audiences in panels at all the leading Literature Festivals in the country, while being a TedX speaker.

A creativity and leadership, Sachar works closely with corporate professionals to reach out to their goals, having worked with companies like NASSCOM, Wipro, JCB, TCS etc.

A sportsman first Sanil, completed his high school in England where he was able to pursue both academics and his goal towards football. Being scouted to play football at club level as a teenager he got inspired to create a positive change in sectors of his passion, starting with sports focusing on his country, India.

He is also responsible for bringing in TRUSOX, a global sports brand to India, with the endeavor of enhancing the sporting culture and propelling Indian sports. TRUSOX, in which Sanil is an owner, is a sports brand whose products are worn by the likes of Luis Suarez, Alexis Sanchez, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and several other sporting stalwarts.

A mentor for writers, guest columnist for Business World Disrupt and The Huffington Post, a prominent public and motivational speaker, and a movie producer (Mantra), Sanil aspires to inspite, living his life, one word at a time.


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    [-] Mekin Maheshwari 2 years ago

    Hi Sanil,

    I am a co-editor for the Society track & find your talk interesting. Have you done this session before? Could you share a flow/slides/video?

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      [-] Sanil Sachar 2 years ago

      Hi Mekin,

      Yes, I have conducted this session for a recent TEDX talk event. The flow of the session and the slides are all very interconnected and would give away the surprise elements in store. I could speak with you over the phone to provide you with the details, if you like. I can also be reached on -


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