Creative Movement Therapy

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by Shivani Govind on Saturday, September 23, 2017

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‘Moving body is a living body’

Creative movement therapy is the psycho-therapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional and physical integration of the individual. Expressive Movement Therapy will explore our unique inner dance and self-expression.


‘Creative Movement therapy’ is a form of expressive therapy which uses the human body’s natural movements to achieve a balance between emotional, cognitive, social and physical facets in individuals. Eventually, participants evolve a strong, personal movement language to enhance their holistic growth leading to healthier functioning.

Movement experiences will be interspersed with verbal dialogues to expand and enrich one’s discoveries & introspection. The workshop will utilize elements from movement therapy & creative dance to unlock our capacity to express and communicate better while building and strengthening our body’s relation to space, time, people & energies.

Eventually, we will evolve a strong, personal movement language to enhance our holistic growth leading to a healthier functioning. It will help us in experiencing enhanced creativity, problem-solving skills, and renewed capacity for introspection and exploration. We will emerge equipped for resonant and fruitful daily interactions, as well as the ability to use movement activities & games to enhance our own journey of personal and creative exploration.


Workshop Space enough to accommodate 25 people, music system, art materials like chart paper, crayons etc.

Speaker bio

Shivani is a people and culture researcher, with 4+ years of experience in qualitative research and brand consulting. Aligning her love for the Creative Arts, she is currently training in Creative Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy and facilitation. At the moment, she is taking Creative Arts therapeutic intervention work forward with organisations such as Kailash Satyarthi Foundation, Devodhyog Foundation and Ashoka University.

Her fascination with people, society and culture had her dabble academically in Economics for 5 years, with a focus on Behavioral Design. She believes in living creatively and is passionate about exploring the depths of human experience and expression. She has spent time exploring and refining her love for the visual medium as a tool for telling & sharing stories. She has worked on varied categories – from Beauty, FMCG, Personal Care, Alcobev to the evolving digital space.

Other than Research, Shivani enjoys writing poetry, dancing, listening to the radio, and spending time with her cat. She has recently started painting and exploring her own visual language.


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    [-] Araktim Saikia 2 years ago

    Shivani (lovingly called Shivi by friends & family) has been on the forefront of social research and is associated with numerous voluntary organisations conducting program related to the wellbeing of people. This program on ‘Creative Movement therapy’ will surely be beneficial to participants and be an asset in their psychological wellbeing.

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    [-] Hardika Dayalani 2 years ago

    Shivani is a very warm and sensitive individual. She immediately makes you feel welcome and helps create a safe space for creative exploration. It comes from an innate desire to connect to people at a personal level and from a desire to spread sunshine around her.

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