Emotions in Design

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by Tarun Sharma on Sunday, September 24, 2017


Session type

Technical level


To integrate the emotions in the design of a product/space/experience/service… understanding them in abstraction is key. This workshop aims at making it accessible.


The session will require participants to get together and spend time reflecting on the transience of emotions. This phase will result in a group painting.

A session on using the common emotional landscape projected in the painting as a ‘moodboard’ will follow the creation phase.

The final step would be reaping from the painting, memories: the root cause of emotions.


We will need a roll of canvas. Colours and a whole bunch of brushes and knives.
Besides that, participants need to turn up with an open mind and clothes they dont mind having possible colour splashes on.

Speaker bio

I am a visual artist and work with colours in the awareness of the moment.

Trained as an architect(NIT Nagpur) and an automobile designer(NID Ahmedabad), I have dabbled into consulting Indian Railways on Industrial design projects and later Startups on Product Design Strategy. I have taken classes as visitng faculty for Communication Design students(Pearl Academy).

There has been a constant progress towards understanding with clarity the space of abstraction, and operating intuitively with it to create.

In the sprint based, agile and lean meathodology focussed culture of product development, I feel the need for people out there to ensure that the essence and emotional bond of what they create does not get lost in statistics and data.