Home schooling: How freedom to learn can produce the best citizens of the world

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by Apoorva Joshi on Sunday, September 24, 2017

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See the one dimensional system that our education is, and try to add more dimensions through it.
Stop depending on the system to do something different, stop being lazy and do it yourself.

The only thing we can expect and hope is that each member goes back questioning things. It can even be questioning the session.


“Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” This seems to be the motto of the 21st century.

Everyone seems to be complaining of the quality of engineers we produce in this country. Unskilled they say, yet they send their kids to the same old tuitions which raises this batch of unskilled engineers.
Working closely with expert subject matter experts and children for past 2.5 years, I’ve realised how we kill creativity in a step by step matter.
This will be a session on how we can use our multiple intelligences and develop a mindset that innovates not just reproduces.
This is an open ended session, since there is no definitive way to see how we change the way we learn better.
It will include the impact of various activities like Dancing, Gardening, Music on brain.
It’s an interdisciplinary session with topics coming in from Arts, Mathematics, Neurosciences and Languages.


Happy and engaging minds ready for some hands on activity.

Speaker bio

Final year engineering student, working in an educational start-up teaching kids science the hands on way since 2.5 years. I like to get my hands dirty. Jack of some, master of none. Learning Kalaripaytu, Kathak and Classical Music.


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