Blockchain: Understanding and Profiting From the Most Exciting Technology Of This Decade!

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by MD Halim on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fringe & Geekery

Session type

Technical level


To help people understand the principles behind Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain protocol and tell them about the opportunities that lies in this domain! I also intend to help people learn how to profit from trading cryptocurrencies and how not to lose money while trading cryptocurrencies.


A impactful perspective on Blockchain powering deep conversations after event.

Intent: Its not about the blockchain, its about the principles of blockchain (reasons) that will power the next generation of internet technologies. decentralisation, trust. Business use cases powered by trust, use cases powered by decentralisation, use cases powered by combination of multiple (current example, what can happen in future, for each principle)

(Deep Dive Into Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that powers it)

Agenda Of The Workshop

Session I - Introduction
A brief history of money : from barter to fiat to Bitcoin
Challenges of a decentralised digital cash and payment system
How Bitcoin and blockchain technology addresses these challenges

Session II : Deep Dive Into Bitcoin and Blockchain
Bitcoin Fundamentals - Wallets, Keys, Addresses, Transactions and the Blockchain
Hands-On : Setting up and using a Bitcoin Wallet
Blockchain Fundamentals - Blocks, Mining and Consensus
Blockchain 2.0 - Introduction to Ethereum
Fundraising through ICOs

Who this is not for?
Audience aware of how Bitcoin works and looking for a detailed workshop on smart contract programming
We intend to introduce Ethereum, smart contract programming in this workshop and cover it in detail in the next Blockchained! Workshop.


People looking to understand the technical details of bitcoin and blockchain technology.
Basic knowledge of computers, internet.

Speaker bio

Well, I’ve been developing applications with blockchain for over a year now. I bought my first bitcoin in 2015 and since then I’ve been watching this space and interacting with blockchain developers all over the world. I run two communities for blockchain and Ethereum developers in Delhi and hold regular workshops as well.

I’ve held informal workshops on blockchain a couple of times in the last 6 months and I’ve been working on my own crypto exchange for a while now.

Just recently, me and 2 of my friends won the Facebook Hackathon in Hyderabad organized by Youth Ki Awaaz and Facebook. (

And last month I won a hackathon at IIIT Delhi, where together with my teammates we built a decentralized news app to help fight fake news!


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    [-] MD Halim 2 years ago

    I will be using some slides from this presentation( by Dr. Jérôme Kehrli to explain how the blockchain protocol works and then I will give a live demo of setting up a bitcoin wallet and trading with virtual cryptocurrencies. In the last section, I will talk about the use cases of Blockchain protocol and delve deeper into Ethereum and the world of Initial Coin offerings (

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